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Frog Rock
  (named so because of it’s uncanny resemblance to a frog) sits perched inside of a clear-running river staring at a steep mountain with its two large eyes. The river is housed by a massive green valley whose mountains go straight into the clouds. A 40-meter waterfall feeds this very deep river with nourishing sustenance. The river is so deep that you cannot see to the bottom, despite its clear blue color. There is a legend about Frog Rock that has been passed down from Tayal elders. The legend talks about a large frog who one day chased and ate a group of mosquitoes. The last mosquito was extremely fast, and he led the frog into this valley. The frog then became stuck under a big rock, and the mosquito quickly escaped. After hundreds of years, this frog grew and turned into what is now known as Frog Rock. This is a famous tourist spot because of the natural power of the landscape. Frog Rock sits between Jinping and Naluo villages.

Transportation Guide

By car: Get off at Cyonglin interchange and follow the 120 towards Hengshan and Jianshih. Then turn right on Jianshih Bridge, and follow the 60 for 5 kilometers until arrival at Frog Rock.
By bus: Hsinchu Transportation – Jhudong to Naluo line; stop at the Frog Rock bus stop.

Smangus divine trees
  Smangus is the most remote and mountainous area of Jianshih Township. It resides between Hsinchu and Yilan. Smangus is pristine, and home to over twenty divine red junipers. These red junipers are over 1,000 years old. The tallest is called Yaya (which means mother in Tayal) and she is 35 meters tall, 20.5 meters wide, and over 2500 years old. She is the second tallest tree in Taiwan. Her trunk splits in two and resembles two arms reaching out to hug and protect the forest. This feeling of love and protection is how she got the name Yaya. To get an idea of the size of her, if 24 adults held hands in a circle, they would barely fit around the tree. This group of trees is a breath-taking 2.5 hour hike beginning from the quaint village. The hike takes you through the magical forest to these divine trees. The main village used to be called “The Black Village” because of its remoteness and lack of electricity since before 1979. Now it is called “the Home of God” because of its abundant beauty and its resident’s beliefs. The quality of life has improved for the natives since these divine trees were found in 1991 due to the respectful nature and influx of tourists.

Transportation Guide

By car: Get off at Cyonglin interchange and follow the 120 towards Hengshan and Jianshih. Turn right at Jianshih Bridge and follow the 60. After Naluo and Yulao, gain entry at the Security Search Point of Siouluan. Then head down 5k to Taigang. 
“Please think about your physical strength and time before traveling to Smangus.”

  1. Hiking (to the divine trees and back) is about 5 to 6 hours.
  2. The long drive may need an extra day’s ride.
The windy mountain road can be challenging in any condition.
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